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In the global village we live in, Online and distance learning is the future of education. Very few people can afford to give up work to start studying, and with university fees at an all-time high, learning via traditional methods is beyond reach for many. This exciting alternative in higher education holds for you the promise of professional and personal growth without any limits or boundaries. Our concept is simple, efficient, and student-oriented.


The University‘s academic staff are highly qualified and experienced. They are accustomed to working with executives, managers and consultants employed in both the private and public sectors.


All of our distance learning courses have been designed to the most exacting standards, in accordance with the most stringent criteria, in order to provide outstanding education at an affordable price while ensuring that individual needs are met and that your distance learning experience is both enjoyable and beneficial. Our modules are your own personal tutor at home .
Our style of distance learning is called directed coursework study . This means that you study on your own, either at home or wherever suits you with regular ongoing support from your designated supervisor.

You will be taught through printed or digital (pdf) modules – study manuals- specially written textbooks or workbooks, audio CDs and video DVDs.

When your program starts, you’ll receive your modules as PDF attachments to your emails.

You will purchase the modules at $75.00 each and they are yours to keep and to refer to whenever you wish.

All modules will direct you to the relevant websites where additional resources will be available. Sometime there will be books you have to buy yourself or borrow from a local library. If required we are happy to do this on your behalf. You’ll get a study timetable that will help you plan your reading, and assignments due dates.

With our style of distance learning, CSU-ONLINE enables you to study from home, work or even on the move, at a time that suits you. With a wide choice of qualifications, at undergraduate and postgraduate level, CSU-ONLINE offers the choice and flexibility you need.

Assignments & Examinations

An assignment is a piece of written work or answers to a set of questions, covering material from your module. Completing assignments helps you to consolidate and use what you have learned. All assignments are sent directly to your tutor for appraisal and grading.

Some modules include other types of written assignments, such as project work or dissertations.

Welcome to the Future

Surveys over the years have shown that a degree earned through a non-campus University can be just as useful as one from a traditional school. A recent report found that, on average, men with first degrees earned around 15% more than male non-graduates with similar backgrounds and levels of ability.

Stanford Professor Jeffrey Pfeffeer in a recent article on traditional business schools in the Academy of Management Learning & Education writes, “Little of what is taught to students in “traditional” business schools prepare them for the corporate workplace. You have to question what goes on in the years it takes to get an MBA”. Even if a degree has no connection whatsoever with a job that has been applied for, having the credentials that make you a Bachelor, Master or Doctor are what you really need to get that better position and higher salary.

Here is your opportunity to improve your status and your employment prospects. We live in a competitive world.  I hope that you will join us soon.

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In our  commitment  to the environment we encourage students  and faculty to go paperless.

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