Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be the one to select the courses to complete the required no. of credits; are there any mandatory courses to be taken?

A few of the courses listed in your program must be taken as core courses, whilst all remaining modules are electives and can be chosen by the student.

Will my supervisor be based in my country? Can I choose a locally based supervisor?

In order to facilitate the research and supervision of candidates for higher degrees, CSU Online  has a number of highly qualified professors, specialists in various fields who are located in many countries all over the world. This makes for easier communication between student and supervisor. In the event a suitable supervisor is not available in the candidate’s country of residence an CSU Online accredited supervisor will be appointed. A candidate may also recommend a locally base supervisor and if said supervisor is approved by the University he/she will be duly appointed for the duration of the program.

How do I communicate with my tutor, via e-mail or through the mail system

Via e-mail is the fastest and most reliable way.

What happens if I cannot complete the program within the prescribed duration period due to job / travel commitments etc? Will it be possible to make it within 18 months instead of 12 months, for example?

Yes, the recommended program duration period is a guideline only. The degree will be awarded on the successful completion of your program/dissertation.

What if I move to an other country?? Will I have to interrupt my studies?

No. it makes no difference where you live and how often you move as long as you have access to a computer and an internet connection.

If I register for a degree by R& D (Research & Dissertation) Do I need to take some online courses before preparing my dissertation?

Yes , a PhD program consists of two components: a number of modules to be taken by Directed Coursework Study ( 40 credits) AND a dissertation ( 45 credits)

I have completed a number of credits at an other recognized college/university, can I transfer my credits in full to CSU Online?

Students may transfer to CSU Online at any time during their studies. All transfer students who intend to receive a degree from CSU Online must complete at lease 10 credits at CSU Online (except for APEL based degrees) Courses taken at an other recognized institution will be accepted for credit toward degrees at the California Southwest University and are graded according to that institution’s grading system and are converted or equated to CSU Online grades.

How will the research topic for my thesis be chosen? Are there some subjects, which the University recommends?

The choice of research subject will be determined between you and your supervisor once you have been enrolled. Most supervisors would prefer you to chose a subject that is of particular interest to you.

How will I take my exams? Are you going to email the questions to me and then I email the answers back to you? Are exams going to be conducted at the American consulate/council/institute, CSU Online affiliates etc? In my own country? And is there a specific dates for the tests?

CSU Online degree programs are modular, allowing both flexible and specialized study. Credits are gained by the successful completion of each module. Exams (written assignments for most courses) are taken on regular and ongoing basis throughout the course. When an assignment is successfully submitted (pass mark is 65%.) you move on to the next module, and so on until all modules are completed. If you fail an assignment (mark below 65%) you will take it again at the end of the program. No attendance to London is required.

How are you going to provide me with the study textbooks? If not, what if the book is not available in my own country?

All CSU Online modules are available to students in e-format and are sent to you as a PDF attachment to your emails.

The price of all modules, regardless of size, is $75.00 USDs per module.

Once you start receiving your modules by email, you will enjoy the following benefits:

1. Immediate delivery and receipt of modules thus saving valuable study time.
2. A considerable savings on courier charges.

You will still have the choice of receiving the modules in a printed format if you so wish.

Do you have tutors around the world? If there is a need for explanation in a certain course, whom will I contact?

CSU Online has numerous locally –based tutors who are specialists in your field of study/research/specialization. If no tutor is available in your country a University-based tutor will be appointed. You will receive on-on-one instruction and supervision. Contact with tutors is via email whilst a top copy of all assignments must be sent by post.

What is the difference between DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) and PhD in Business Administration?

DBA is more practical & business oriented (50% coursework & 50% dissertation), whilst the PhD is more academic (100% dissertation).

How long it will take for the school to evaluate my application once you receive the completed, signed and dated application form, the CV, 2 photographs and the Application fee?

Normally an application is processed within 7 days from receipt of documents and the student is notified immediately afterwards. The Evaluation & Admissions Council of the university meet every week (except during the holidays).

When can I start?

Any time of the year! CSU Online operates on a rolling admissions basis. Applicants are advised of their status upon approval of their application by the University’s Evaluation & Admissions Council (normally within two weeks of receipt of their completed application) Program of study commences on completion of registration formalities and the issuance of the student’s Certificate of Registration.

Do I qualify for APEL credits?

Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) is aimed at mature applicants (over 25 years old and with a minimum of 3 years professional /business experience). In a few cases the applicant’s work experience and credits attained elsewhere are sufficient to earn full credits towards the degree sought. The candidate is thus eligible to submit an application for the immediate award of a degree.. In most other instances it is necessary either to submit a dissertation on a topic related to the applicant’s area of expertise or to take a number of courses by Directed Coursework Study under the guidance of a university accredited supervisorAll applicants are considered for APEL credits. The number of credits to be awarded and the final approval of the application are determined by the Evaluation & Admissions Council when the application is being considered. That is why a detailed CV is required with your application.

The fees listed for the program, do they cover the entire program or are they per one year only?

The fees cover the FULL program.

Do you hold a graduation ceremony?

Yes, due to the worldwide geographic distribution of our students, CSU Online aims to hold a Convocation once every two years.

Can I pay my fees by installments?

Yes, fees may be paid by 2 or 3 installments (in some circumstances more installments can be arranged with the bursar).

Do the fees include CSU Online modules, books, study manuals, CDs etc?

These modules are specifically designed with the Distance Learning student in mind and list all further essential and recommended reading. In addition to CSU Online modules your supervisor will also provide you with a list of all textbooks, reference, research papers, publications and all material relevant to your course of study.

Do I qualify for financial aid?

California Southwest University offers a $1500 USDs annual scholarship, off the total program fee to a number of financially deserving students from a number of African countries and from the following nations : Bangladesh and Nepal.

How do I register at the University?


• If you wish to submit an application for admission to the university, paper copies of the application documents listed below are required: Please send by registered post or by courier.


• If you wish to expedite your application, you may submit scanned copies of your application documents by email, (please attach bank proof of payment of fees).

No application will be considered unless accompanied by the application fee or proof of its payment.


1. A completed, signed and dated application form ( a hard copy of your online submission
2. Copy/ies of your certificate/s. Not required for Bachelor’s applications. Please do not send originals)
3. A current CV This is important in order to assess the no. of APEL Credits you may be entitled to )
4. Two passport size photographs. (one of which will be used for your University ID card)
5. Application Fee of $75 USDs (seventy five dollars. Cheques ,international drafts etc payable to the CSU-ONLINE )

When can I register?

California Southwest University operates on a rolling admissions basis. CSU Online will accept an application at any time of the year, from anywhere in the world as long as the applicant is duly qualified and/or has prior work experience that can be considered suitable for the awarding of university credits, and is approved by the university’s Evaluation & Admissions Council. Program of study commences on completion of registration formalities and the issuance of the student’s Certificate of Registration.

I have not got TOEFL Test, is that a problem?

Non-Native English speakers must have a good command of both written and spoken English, the language of instruction at CSU Online, even though the University does not require external English tests such as TOEFL GMAT, Cambridge Proficiency, etc.

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