Certified Strategic Planner (CSP)

Certified Strategic Planner (CSP)

شهادة مخطط أستراتيجى معتمد

With the advent of the twenty-first century, leaders and managers of organizations face several major challenges. The world entered a new era of continuous turmoil. Rather, turbulence has become the new normality.

Rapid, continuous and unexpected changes have become one the prominent features of the current era in all aspects, political, economic, technological and social fields. These changes have a severe impact on the environment surrounding the organization. Which lead to a kind of chaos, which necessitates the leaders of organizations need to search for modern administrative approaches and practices that are commensurate with the size of the current challenges in the business environment and to think about changing all the currently applied tools, methods, systems and administrative procedures and replacing them with modern administrative practices, tools and approaches stemming from contemporary reality and commensurate with the nature of the twenty-first century.

With a view to:

  • Acquire strategic thinking skills and creating the future.
  • Learn about the entrances to leadership and management of the twenty-first century organizations.
  • Know how to shift from strategic planning to strategicthinking for creating the future.
  • Identify the modern administrative approaches to confront the chaos resulting from the continuous disturbances, such as the entrance to chaos management and the entrance to strategic agility.
  • Be able to formulate a mission statement, core values, future vision, and a network of goals.
  • Be able to conduct an analysis of the external environment surrounding the organization to identify opportunities and threats, as well as conduct an analysis of the internal environment of the organization to identify sources of strength and weaknesses.
  • Have the ability to make a strategic choice in selecting the appropriate strategy.
  • The ability to prepare the appropriate organizational structure for the applied strategy.
  • Have the potential to prepare annual programs, projects and implementation plans for the goals.
  • Be able to prepare and manage the necessary change plans in order to implement the strategy.
  • Acquire the skills of preparing planning budgets.
  • Acquire strategic leadership skills and team leadership.
  • Prepare, design and implement the strategic communications plan.
  • Have the potential to set up systems of strategic control and operational control.

Main Axes:

First axis / introduction to the strategic leader

  • The concept of strategic leadership and the roles of the strategic leader in the twenty-first century .
  • Attributes and features of the turbulent contemporary business environment in the twenty-first century.
  • Modern administrative approaches to administration, business and leadership of organizations in light of turmoil and to face chaos
  • Introduction to strategic management.
  • The stages and steps of the strategic management process in accordance with the CEM Certification curriculum for the preparation of the approved strategic manager.
  • The necessity to provide the requirements for adopting strategic management before starting planning.
  • Modern administrative approaches to management, business and leadership of organizations in light of turmoil and to face chaos

The second axis: the stage of thinking and strategic formulation

  • Defining and formulating the organization’s core ideology (mission and core values).
  • Formulating the future vision and network of goals.

The third axis: analysis and strategic selection

  • SWOT strategic analysis to identify opportunities and threats O&T in the external environment and sources of internal strengths and weaknesses S&W.

The fourth axis: the change phase (implementation and implementation of the strategy)

  • Building an effective organization by designing the appropriate organizational structure to implement the strategy.
  • Program and project management skills.
  • Skills of preparing planning budgets.
  • Leading and managing the change.

The fifth axis: monitoring and emphasizing the implementation of the strategy

  • Control and strategic evaluation.


  • All human cadres who wish to take over the leadership and management of organizations effectively in light of the challenges, developments and contemporary changes.
  • Owners and heads of institutions and companies, gentlemen heads of higher administrations in all agencies, heads of civil organizations, all members of boards of directors, heads of sectors, senior managers in all functional magazines, and all employees working in the areas of strategic management and planning, and those who wish to refine their experiences and develop their applied skills in the field of strategic management.
  • Those wishing to obtain a certified professional application certificate in leadership and strategic planner to get acquainted with the latest modern global administrative approaches in the field of strategic management, which prove that he has the ability to lead and manage institutions in an era of continuous turmoil through formulating and implementing strategies and turning them into reality with tangible results In reality.

Course Duration: 6-8 Weeks

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