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BA (Hons) Interior Design


Start your journey tracing the fascinating history of interior design. This Module looks at residential interior design through such fascinating influences as Elizabethan, Italian Renaissance, Baroque and many other historical movements and influences which continue to shape the society in which we live.

Module 2 – Interior Design Professional Practice

The Module focuses on starting your own interior business and looks at the marketing and management of a professional interior design practice. You will learn how to accurately cost and select products, tender for jobs and produce a business plan with financial forecasts. You will have the opportunity to observe the NDA ‘Private Clients’ interior design practice.

Module 3  Research Study Project I  Preparation & Completion 

This Module includes the identification, planning and preparation of self-directed (with guidance) research study. You will look at ways in which the research study may be implemented including formatting, synthesis and presentation of text-based research.

Module 4  Interior Design Project II  

This Final Project Module is delivered by independent study with guidance and support provided by the Tutors to develop your individual skills and areas of interest.

Module 5 – Interior Design ILLUSTRATED 

This Module develops your design communication, management and drawing techniques. You will examine inspirational examples of best practice from established designers to illustrate the importance of developing your own individual style. 

MA (Hons) Interior Design

Module 6 Hotel Design

Module 7 – Furniture & Furnishings

Module 8 – Creative Lighting

Module 9 – Exhibition Design 4

We look at exhibition design, a fascinating and diverse sector of interior design. Projects can range from small trade exhibition stands promoting new designers or products to large public museums and private galleries of design/fine art.

Module 10 Interior Design A SURVEY 

Module 11 PROJECT 

Essential Equipment

  • Laptop, PC or Mac to access the course online via the VLS
  • Broadband internet connection
  • Internet browser: Internet Explorer 7 (or above) or Firefox
  • Digital camera
  • Drawing pen and pencil
  • Scale rule with 1:10, 1:20 and 1:50 scales
  • Adjustable set-square
  • Pastels, crayons, watercolours, etc.
  • A3 paper
  • A2 drawing board

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